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Question: Can someone tell me why?….When I’m target practicing outside with my bow I can hit dead center, perfect shots every time. When I go to a local Hunting supply store to shoot in their archery range I’m off every time. I know its not just me, others tell me the same thing. Could it be that’s its in an air tight room, or that’s its indoors. Just trying to figure out why no one can hit good inside at this range.
This is a target range with still targets. When I shoot it`s just me and my boyfriend in the range and no one else looking. He is very good with a bow. recurve, compound. He can shoot from lieing down, sitting…etc. and I have talked to other thst are GREAT shooter and they say they can not hit target inside this range. If I were just me I would think maybe its just pressure. I have been to other target ranges with no trouble…Its just this one….I dont understand.

Answer: When you say an indoor range, are you talking about a DART system range. The video screen shoot where you shoot at wild game and such that are walking around. If so, you may be trying to lead the target that appear on-screen to be walking or running, but are actually staying in one spot on the screen. I have had this happen to me at times shooting these systems. If it is just a normal range, I agree with the tunnel vision and pressure suggestions given by the others. I tend to shoot better under pressure, but that’s just me, we are all different. You seem to have the technique down, so I would discount that. You could try shooting out of a large blind outside that creates a tunnelling effect to test that theory out. I don’t really think this is the case, because when you focus on the shot, all you really see anyway is the sights and the target. You naturally tunnel out when you focus and concentrate. I would go with pressure, but don’t let it bother you, because you have to realize that people that may make fun of how you shoot, really can’t shoot very good themselves. Another suggestion, and this has caused me some problems shooting indoors, is that you may have the good sense to realize the potential of an errant arrow going through something and causing damage you have to pay for. Don’t worry, it passes, LOL.