Question: yeah I want out turkey hunting last year and got one with a gun but I want to try with my gun I already know the basics but if anybody has any tips that would be great.

Answer: Bow hunting for turkey is in my opinion not as ethical or sporting as bow hunting larger game animals like deer or elk. It can be done, but even the most dedicated archers will from time to time wound a turkey rather than kill it. You can use the guillotine broad heads which at least make a clean kill, but from a sporting aesthetic I personally find those broad heads distasteful. If fair chase is your concern then you can wear normal clothes or use a muzzle loading shotgun and call the birds in closer. If you are trying to impress people who don’t hunt that you killed a turkey with a bow, then why bother. If you do choose to hunt turkey with a bow, make sure you practice like a fiend. Try to find a place that has the DART game near where you live. DART is a video game that simulates hunting. You use your own bow and special tips that when they hit the DART screen show you how you scored on a “kill”. Play some DART and you can see personally how many turkeys you will wound instead of kill.